Sifu Boun Saysongkham

Sifu BounSifu Boun Saysongkham, born in 1973 in Poxay Laos, came to the US in 1980. He started training in traditional Muay Thai with his father in 1982.

Sifu Boun started American Kempo studies in 1993 and In 1998 he earned a First Degree Black Belt in American Kempo from Sensei Jeff Gears in Toledo Ohio. He was an alternate on Olympic Team Paul Mitchell in American Kempo.

He earned a First Degree Black Belt in Hapkido and Sifu (instructor) level under Jho Morago. He cofounded JBMA in 2002 with Sifu Jho Moraga, and is CEO of Jho Boun Martial arts.

Sifu Boun’s philosophy of martial arts helps him teach the students proper techniques and how to discipline one’s mind.